Jobseekers FAQ’s

Please explore the FAQ’s below to learn more about our Network. If your query is not answered, please contact us now to talk to a member of the Network team.

Will my benefits be affected by attending the SUMMIT FINUAS Network training programmes?

SUMMIT FINUAS Network training programmes are part of a scheme agreed with the Department of Social Protection. An individual’s benefits and entitlements MAY remain unaffected by network training participation (subject to the normal social welfare rules applying). Please click here for further information

What are the entry requirements?

Candidates over 21 years of age can apply as mature candidates. Candidates under 21 years of age are required to have a pass in six leaving certificate subjects; Irish, English, Maths, a third language plus two other subjects. Two of the six passes have to be at Grade C on a higher-level paper.
Please note some courses will have their own specific set of entry requirements such as relevant work experience and certain academic requirements.

What are the programme fees for job-seeking trainees?

Job-seeking trainees will not be charged programme fees.

Do I need to inform the Social Welfare Office before signing up for the programme?

Summit Finuas Network courses of 20 or less days’ duration can be completed with out prior approval from Social Welfare Local Offices/scheme areas. However, people in receipt of Jobseekers payment or other payment should inform their local offices, where possible in advance, of their intention to participate in such short programmes.
For courses that exceed 20 days duration jobseekers in receipt of a payment from Social Welfare must receive prior approval from their Social Welfare Offices.

What happens if the training takes place on a signing day?

If training occurs on the same day as a signing day, it is the responsibility of the trainee to inform the local Social Welfare office and arrange an alternative signing date prior to commencing training.

What if I get a job offer while on the programme?

Individuals planning to participate in training are reminded that the Department of Social Protection expects individuals who receive offers of employment (before or during a programme) to accept such offers. The offer of a free place still stands and trainees are encouraged to complete the programme once it has commenced. If due to work commitments a trainee is unable to complete the programme they must contact SUMMIT FINUAS Network to advise as soon as possible.

What if I am offered a free place on a training programme but get a job offer before the programme commences?

Jobseekers who are offered a free place on a programme and accept a job offer before the programme commences must contact SUMMIT FINUAS Network as soon as the job offer is accepted. The place may consequently be offered to another jobseeker.

Will I be asked to provide evidence of attendance at the training programme to the Social Welfare Office?

Social Welfare offices may, on occasion, request programme evidence from a trainee. In this instance, networks will complete a standard letter on behalf of the individual concerned (it is the responsibility of the trainee to present this evidence to the Social Welfare office).

Can I partake in more than one training programme?

A trainee can participate in more than one programme organised by a network, once the individual and the network manager agree this will enhance employability and job prospects.

Do I need to provide my work history to the Network?

Trainees should be amenable to answering relevant network managers’ questions about previous work history, education and career aspirations so as to ensure the programme they are interested in completing is relevant.

Will my contact details be used after I have completed the training programme?

Trainees should be made aware that the network, or Skillnets Ltd., may contact them after a programme is complete for the purposes of evaluating programmes or determining if an individual has progressed into employment.

How will I know if my application for a free place is successful?

Successful applicants will be contacted in advance of the programme commencement and asked to confirm acceptance of the place offered. Free places are strictly limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants.