Training Programmes

26th Jul 2021

Managing workloads & priorities for the Individual: Use Microsoft OUTLOOK to control and prioritise work for the individual

27th Jul 2021

Managing Information: Working Smart with MS OneNote. Learn how to efficiently share information and link with MS TEAMs

2nd Aug 2021

Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation in Financial Services

2nd Aug 2021

Professional Certificate in Data Protection (Level 9)

11th Aug 2021

Leader as a Coach

17th Aug 2021

Protecting Mental Health & Well Being

17th Aug 2021

Derivatives Fundamentals - August Start

17th Aug 2021

Derivatives Masterclass - August Start

24th Aug 2021

Introduction to Project and Risk Management - Aug Start

24th Aug 2021

PMP Exam Preparation - Aug Start

1st Sep 2021

Return to Office

9th Sep 2021

Performance Management

9th Sep 2021

Introduction to Investment and Asset Management - September Start

14th Sep 2021

Derivatives Masterclass - September Start

15th Sep 2021

Engagement and Motivation

21st Sep 2021

Data Governance and Cyber Security

21st Sep 2021

Derivatives Fundamentals - September Start

27th Sep 2021

Diploma in AML in a Fintech Environment (Level 8)

28th Sep 2021

PMP Exam Preparation - Sept Start

18th Oct 2021

IFRS for Investment Funds

19th Oct 2021

Derivatives Fundamentals - October Start

19th Oct 2021

Derivatives Masterclass - October Start

20th Oct 2021

Professional Certificate in Fintech Risk and Compliance

2nd Nov 2021

PMP Exam Preparation - Nov Start

18th Nov 2021

Introduction to Investment and Asset Management - November Start