What is Skillnet Ireland?

The primary objective of Skillnet Ireland is to increase participation in enterprise training by companies. We believe that training and up-skilling are key elements in keeping companies competitive in both a domestic and international context. We also believe that training and upskilling significantly enhances the career mobility of the workforce.

Skillnet Ireland fosters an enterprise led approach to workforce development. The process of determining training needs and coordinating the delivery of training, is primarily owned by the enterprise groups engaged with Skillnet Ireland.

Skillnet Ireland operates under a joint investment model, part-funded by matching contributions from participating businesses in our learning networks. This approach has received international recognition as a model of best practice from the OECD and ILO, amongst others.

Encouraging enterprise to lead the process in this way helps ensure that programmes delivered through Skillnet Ireland are highly relevant to the needs of industry. This approach also enables cohesive enterprise networking and the flexibility to respond to ever-changing skills demands through both formal and informal learning.


Our Purpose:

Funding Support:

Through our 65 plus Skillnet Learning Networks, Skillnet Ireland allocates funding to groups of companies in the same industry sector (or region) and with similar training needs, so they can deliver subsidised training for their teams. Skillnet Ireland also plays a key role in supporting and enabling Skillnet funded groups to reach their full potential.


Promoting Upskilling:

Skillnet Ireland plays an important role in contributing to the national conversation on workforce development and in promoting the value of upskilling for those in employment and those seeking employment.


Business Networking:

Great synergies are derived from clusters of businesses with similar challenges (and opportunities) working together. Participating in a Skillnet Ireland Network creates these valuable business networking opportunities for companies.


Career Development:

Skillnet Ireland enhances the general competency and employability of learners, leading to increased career mobility and greater life opportunities.


Developing Future Skills:

Skillnet Ireland plays a key role in supplying skills to the Irish workforce by collaborating with enterprise and agencies to develop new innovative programmes to address both current and future skill needs.



We support the development of national policy in relation to workforce development by using our voice and enterprise insights to help shape national responses in an ever-changing skills and talent landscape.

Skillnet Ireland was established in 1999 and is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.


Accessing our services

Private sector and commercial semi-state companies can join a relevant Skillnet Learning Network and avail of our services.

Businesses can access our services in a number of ways:

Contact one or more of our 65+ Skillnet Learning Networks directly for a wide range of learning and training solutions across many sectors and regions. Our Network Managers are experienced in helping companies to identify the appropriate training solutions to address the skills’ challenges you face.

To find contact details for your relevant Network, click here.

For Management Development programmes contact one of our Learning Networks or Skillnet Ireland directly. Further information available here.

If you are not currently a member of a Skillnet Learning Network, you should contact the most relevant Skillnet Learning Network for you or consider establishing a new Skillnet Learning Network for your sector or region through Skillnet Ireland. Find a network or consider developing a new network.


Individual learners can access our services in a number of ways:

Skillnet Ireland are committed to supporting learners of all levels in the workforce, enhancing career mobility and employability.

If you are employed within the private sector or commercial semi-state you can access Skillnet Ireland training through your company, click here for further information.

We also help jobseekers develop new skills to increase their employability and employment progression opportunities through training programmes and work placement.


Certain businesses are not eligible to access our services

Skillnet Ireland is mandated to support private sector enterprise. The following categories cannot become member companies of a training network:

  • Public sector organisations
  • Charity or not-for-profit organisations
  • Companies based outside the Republic of Ireland