Professional Certificate in International Investment Fund Services

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 6 Months

Location: Institute of Banking, North Wall Quay, North Dock, Dublin 1

Full Fee: €1890

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Programme overview

Registration Closing Date: 13 September

Method of Payment for this course: EFT only

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Learning outcomes

The overall aim of the programme is to introduce, discuss and describe the investment fund from its inception right through to its termination detailing the functions and parties to a fund; the roles, responsibilities and activities of all the parties to the fund and how each area interacts with each other. It will enable you to:

– Describe the various functions and parties to an investment fund, their roles and how they interrelate.– Describe the functions, objectives, structures and types of investment funds

– Explain the legal and regulatory environment for investment funds including investor classifications and risk controls

– Discuss the role of outsourcing and specialist servicing jurisdictions in the international fund industry

– Understand the fundamental accounting principles, standards and the financial statements of an investment fund

– Calculate the Net Asset Value (NAV) for single and multi-share class funds and understand the importance of an accurate NAV and the controls surrounding its calculation

– Describe and understand the critical role and responsibilities of the custodian and transfer agent in the global investment funds industry

– Explain the main custody and shareholder services including cash management, dealing, settlements registration, investor trade processing and investor-level fee calculations

– Discuss and have a strong awareness of Anti-Money Laundering, Common Reporting Standards (CRS) and other major international industry initiatives and developments.

This programme is offered in partnership with Irish Funds (if).

Who is the course for?

The Professional Certificate in International Investment Fund Services is a unique and specific programme, designed to support the international investment funds industry.

The programme will be of interest and particular relevance to those working, and those seeking to work, in the investment funds industry and newly practising professionals working in the asset management and investment funds areas in the legal and auditing advisory firms.


  • Introduction to Investment Funds (NFQ Level 7, 5 ECTS)
  • Fund Accounting and Valuation for International Investment Funds (NFQ Level 7, 5 ECTS)
  • Custody and Transfer Agency (NFQ Level 7, 5 ECTS)

Trainer Profile