April 16, 2019

Digital Transformation: Preparing your business for a digital future

Transformations are hard, and digital ones are harder. Despite the fact that digital transformation is a key component of business success, recent studies indicate that more than two thirds of businesses are not yet prepared to take advantage of new digital technologies. So how can your company successfully navigate the digital transformation journey?

One company that has been successful in this area is Allianz Group. Join us to hear from Marcella about Allianz Care’s strategic digital journey – including some of the challenges experienced along the way, her advice for other organisations on this journey and her insights on the skills needed to support a successful digital strategy.

Also hear some key insights on Digital Trends from Garvan Callan (principal of ONEzero1 and former Director of Strategy, Digital & Innovation at Bank of Ireland) who will share his perspectives on the critical navigation points in the digital transformation journey for all stakeholders.

One of the key success factors for digital transformation is having a digital savvy workforce. Exploring what the future of work may look like Duncan Nicholls (Director at PwC) outlines how to win the war for digital talent, including sharing PwC’s latest research in this area.

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