Free Webinar – Transforming through Uncertainty – the Cultural Dilemma in Financial Services

The Network in association with Xenergie Consulting would like to invite you to join a webinar on Transforming through uncertaining –  the cultural dilemma in Financial Services. The webinar will take place on Tuesday 16 June at 12 pm (GMT).

Innovation and transformation are common buzz words for C-suite executives these days.  However, living real transformation is a challenge above all other challenges and nowhere more than in financial services, a sector that weaves through all other sectors with significant global implications.  To date, the focus has been on banks but now the investment industry is coming under scrutiny.  Whilst the need for change is without dispute, – the recent principles proposed by the Investment Association being an example  – in practice it still seems plausible that smart rhetoric combined with incremental change will hold the situation for just that bit longer.

But what does this mean for the well being of future savers and the industry’s reputation and licence to operate?  And what if these calculations are wrong and the crunch comes (once again) on “our watch”?  The dilemma of short versus long term runs deep and wide through the veins of senior executives who are charged with building the future.  What is the responsibility of leaders in the industry today as regards cultural innovation in order to support wider transformation, what can be done with such a large and far reaching issues and what exactly needs to shift now in order to make a difference?

Xenergie  will interview two change leaders in the financial services field about the issues. Orla Scott, Global HR for Pioneer Investments and Dr. Raj Thamotheram, CEO, Preventable Surprises (a writer, commentator and former industry practitioner), discuss their own experiences of working with change and how to navigate the immunity to change in the system.

In this webinar, we will particularly explore three levels of challenge:

  • the nature of rewards and the motivation to change,
  • the culture of cynicism and systemic and psychological influences that block progression
  • and the wider question of the responsibility and purpose of the industry in the world today.