Managing Workloads & Priorities Integrated with MS Outlook- Working Sm@rt Programmes

Date: TBC

Location: Online

Programme overview

This is an essential management skills programme and has been designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and competencies to work more effectively, improve productivity, reduce stress, manage time and get back in control of your busy working day. You will also learn how to use Outlook as your organisational system, how to keep the inbox empty, know your capacity to deliver work on time, find & file information instantly . This programme will help enhance personal and team productivity and performance, while giving you more control over activities and information. By providing immediate access to key business information you will improve your decision-making. You will become more balanced and reduce stress when you put these skills into practice.

How it is done:

This programme turns the principles of managing workloads and time into practical techniques. Workshops  led by a Priority Management certified Working Sm@rt Instructor are followed-up with individual coaching (approximately 1 hour). Online after measurement available.

Stage 1.         Workshop (7 hours) or WebShop ( 3 hours) with delegates using computers

Stage 2.         Individual follow up coaching to customise

Stage 3.         Measurement: online Workshop Evaluation

Learning Outcomes

Banish these symptoms:

  • Inbox crammed full + important things missed
  • Time lost looking for emails
  • Fire fighting & missing deadlines
  • Priorities keep changing
  • Unrealistic ‘To Do’ lists
  • Keep putting things off
  • Attempting too much/cannot say “No”
  • Constant interruptions
  • Others not delivering on time

     Learn practical techniques:

  • Control Inbox – emptying continuously
  • Focus on important emails
  • Simplify email filing & finding
  • Stay with priorities regardless of email volume
  • Multi-task + get the important things done on time
  • Plan all work into realistic days
  • Be more strategic in daily choices of activities
  • Manage others’ expectations & interruptions
  • Control work due from others

All can be applied at work immediately

Who should attend:

Workgroups and teams including managers, directors technical and sales leaders, supervisors,  team leaders  and project leaders who currently use MS Outlook, and are not optimizing this powerful software.

Course Content

Detailed Learning & Reference Guide Provided

1. Productivity

  • Productivity Issues
  • Processes
    • Principles + Best Practices

2. Managing

  • Controlling & prioritising Inbox
  • Email 
    • Following-up Sent Messages
    • Speedy Filing
    • Diverting Emails away from Inbox
    • Email Etiquette for Team

You will see how you can use the Inbox only for today’s emails, manage your work-in-progress emails outside the Inbox, speed up your filing and be able to focus on important emails.

 3. Controlling               

  • Multi-Tasking + Prioritising
  • Tasks    
    • Planning Realistic Days and Weeks
    • Managing expectations & interruptions
    • Delegating + Following-up on Others
    • Using Calendar proactively
    • Implementing Goals & Coordinating Projects

You will be able to plan tasks for realistic days and weeks, manage other’s expectations when necessary, keep control of work due from others and ensure sufficient time is allocated to goals & projects

4. Communicating

  • Planning for Meetings/Conversations
  • Contact Management

You can use Outlook Contacts for planning, recording, following-up & recalling conversations – team, colleagues, customers, suppliers, projects, meetings   

 5. Back in the Office

  • Implementing Working Sm@rt
  • Coaching including Desk Management
  • Monthly LearningLinkä productivity e-newsletter + Help Line

Trainer Profile