Time Management – Staying Personally Effective

Start Dates: 02/07/2020

Duration: 3 Hours
10am - 1pm

Location: Virtual

Full Fee: €125

Network Members Fee: €50

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Programme overview

This is a highly practical and interactive programme that will help people feel more confident and motivated to manage their time while working at home. Managing workload effectively is dependent on the individual’s will and ability to do this in a structured and disciplined way. This programme will examine not only tips and tricks but also mind-set, as this is a key success factor in managing workload effectively and with minimal stress.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course you will have:

  • Taken the time to step back and reflect on your approach to time management (and how well this is working in the current climate)
  • Discussed ways of making homeworking work for you
  • Identified personal styles and strengths, as well as the things that get in the way
  • Explored approaches to prioritisation and defining the importance of tasks
  • Explored tools and techniques for organisation and scheduling, including digital tools
  • Developed approaches to discussing workload, saying ‘no’ and effective delegation
  • Created a personal plan to implement better time management strategies

Who is the course for?
Programme is designed for leader/managers with responsibility for staff


Preparatory work
A time management self-assessment and a reflection questionnaire
An online video to watch and review

Your context regarding time management
o How do you rate yourself at present?
o What’s going well, what are the barriers and what do you want from
the day?
o The concept of time – control it or it will control you!

The importance of mind-set
o Pressure vs performance – How are you feeling right now? –
recognising when you feel out of balance and getting back on track
o Maintaining the right mind-set – positive thinking (not always easy!)
o Circle of influence as a tool to help focus on what you can influence
o Clearing limiting beliefs and challenging self-talk
o The importance of managing and communicating with your

What’s on your plate? – Cartesian quadrants
o Urgent/Important matrix
o Defining what’s important and the importance of goal setting
o Prioritising effectively (and being realistic while working at home)
o Dealing with the unexpected

Taking control of your diary: 4 D’s – Do, Dump, Delay, Delegate
o Scheduling tools (and how to juggle the conflicting priorities of
o The iron triangle
o Managing demands on your time – discussing workload and saying
o How to delegate

Concrete commitments to change
o Eliminating time wasters where possible
o Forming positive habits and making them stick
o ‘Stop Start Continue’ action planning
o Small group work to review and share learning
o Personal action planning

Trainer Profile

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