Time and Stress Management

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 1 Day

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Programme overview

This workshop is suitable for anyone who needs to manage their time better or be more productive.

It’s also useful for team leaders and newly appointed managers. Additionally, it can serve as an opportunity to review and improve your time management, allowing you to plan for the future while dealing with day-to-day tasks.

It is highly practical session where the skills and techniques learned can be put into practice immediately. General course objectives can be refined for personal relevance and an action plan for the future can be devised.

You will learn key skills to optimise your personal effectiveness, how to organise your workflow, how to prioritise and how to delegate when appropriate.


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Learning outcomes

The course will enable the participant to:

  • Understand how time is spent
  • Analyse of their time usage
  • Prioritise tasks
  • Manage Interruptions
  • Build Objectives, tasks & priorities
  • Increase their personal effectiveness
  • Reduce Stress

Who is the course for?
The course is suitable for anyone who needs to learn the essential skills of managing their time effectively and optimising their personal effectiveness.

Course Content:

Learners are taken through a series of exercises where they examine their current practices and learn new approaches.


  • Setting goals
  • Deciding what’s important
  • Doing what’s important


  • Finding time for long-term planning
  • Getting more from your diary
  • Deadlines and how to meet them


  • Coping with e-mail and paperwork
  • Minimising interruptions
  • Getting the most from meetings

The session concludes with the formulation of an action plan.


Having had some time to absorb the concepts and try out the techniques, participants review and revise their action plans.

Trainer Profile

Please contact info@ifsskillnet.ie for further information on training providers.