Technology and Operations

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 6 Months Book Now

Programme overview

This modular program will develop a pipeline of technical analysts, banking operations specialists and future leaders.
The training based on real-world case-studies and incorporates a series of assessments. It combines IT, Financial, Project Management and Client Service skills.

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Learning outcomes

Ensure new recruits have the business and technical skills to contribute when they join their new team.

Who is the course for?

Recent graduates moving into technology or operations roles within the international financial services sector.

Introduction to Financial Markets
This module introduces the business domain of investment banking,
financial markets, treasury & trade services and fund management.
The suggested topics include:
Introduction to the Markets

  • Foreign Exchange & Money Markets
  • Market Participants and Influences
    Core Asset Classes
  • Equities, Exchanges and Exchange Trading
  • Fixed Income and Debt
  • Financial Derivatives
    The Trade Lifecycle
  • Bank structure, key departments and roles
  • The Trade Lifecycle & Trading Floor business simulation
  • Risk Management & Regulation
    Client case-studies and business challenges

Core Technical Platforms 

Linux Primer

  • Core commands for editing & manipulating files
  • Using Regular Expressions
  • Interrogating and manipulating processes
  • Shell scripting and automating tasks
  • Linux Technical Challenge – Filtering & extracting data from an
    application logfile.
    SQL Foundation
  • Add, Edit and Manage the data in an enterprise database
  • Working with normalized and non-normalized data
  • SQL Technical Challenge – Analyzing and extracting market

Application Development 

  • OO Principles and Best Practices
  • Operators & Flow Control
  • Inheritance and Interfaces
  • Arrays and Collections
  • Initialization
  • Exceptions, Assertions and Logging
  • Multi-Threading
  • Common Java APIs (Reading & writing files; Accessing
    Databases; Calling a Web Service)
  • Logging
  • Unit Testing, JUnit and Test Automation
  • TDD and Agile Development
  •  Unit Testing with Mock Objects
  • Programming with Spring Boot
  • UI Design and Development with HTML5

Capstone Project
Team based project where participants practice their new skills to build a typical financial services application such as

  • Investment Portfolio Manager
  • Equity Trading Platform
  • Market Data Analytics Engine

Financial Operations Essentials 

  • Developing a client centric culture
  • Bank structure and key processes
  • Cash Management
  • Business Simulations and Client Scenarios

Financial Operations Essentials  

  • Settlement and Clearing
  • Derivatives Processing
  • Funds and Asset Management
  • Asset Servicing and Corporate Actions
  • Custodial Services
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Funds Administration
  • Collateral and Position Management

Trainer Profile

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