SWAPS (Introduction and Advanced)

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Duration: 1 Day

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Network Members Fee: €350

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Programme overview

The interest rate swap market is one of the biggest in the world and is the basis for the trading and valuation of many other global market products.  This intermediate level course will examine in detail the structure of these products, additional exotic variations and their uses and valuations. Basic understanding of these products will be built upon. This course also covers Option products used in this market such as caps, floors and collars in more detail as will the market as a whole as regulatory changes and recent market events have presented challenges and opportunities for the future.

Two programmes are outlined below but Intuition have delivered programmes that focus on specific interests – eg uses, risks, and settlements.


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Learning outcomes:

  • Diagram basic and exotic swaps structures
  • Explain the uses of caps, floors and collars by themselves and in combination with other products
  • Explain how these products are valued, priced and traded
  • Understand the role of regulatory changes and the impact of recent market events

Who is the course for?

Both Introductory and Advanced programmes are targeted at those with some derivatives knowledge but need to understand the swaps market. The introductory course is for new starters in operations, risk and compliance. The advanced programme for more experience hires who already have basic swaps knowledge.

Course Content:

Online- Prework

  • Swaps – An Introduction


Workshop overview – Swaps 

Introduction and pre-work recap

Interest rate swaps, caps, floors, and swaptions

  • Interest rate swaps overview
  • Interest rate swap strategies
    • Opportunities and exposure
    • Caps, floors, and collars, and swaptions
    • Shortening duration, steepeners, flatteners

Interest rate swap pricing and valuation

Cross-currency swaps

The IRS market

Swap variations

  • Asset swaps
  • Overnight indexed swaps
  • The LIBOR-OIS spread
  • Constant maturity swaps
  • LIBOR-in-arrears (LIA) swaps
  • Range accrual structures
  • Swaptions
  • Other swap variations

Summary & Close

Trainer Profile

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