Professional Diploma in Leading Cultural Change and Ethical Behaviours in Financial Services

Start Dates: 07/02/2022

Duration: 6 Months

Location: Institute of Banking, 1 North Wall Quay, North Dock, Dublin 1

CPD Hours: 30 ECTS credits

Full Fee: €4,785

Network Members Fee: €3,350 Book Now

Programme overview

Registration Closing: 28 January 2022

Method of Payment for this course: EFT only

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Learning outcomes

On completing the Professional Diploma in Leading Cultural Change
and Ethical Behaviour in Financial Services graduates will be able to:

– Explain the theory and practice underpinning culture, ethics,
leadership, behavioural change, supervision in the context of
financial services sector and institutions.
– Outline the implications of ethical theories and behaviour and
evaluate the intended and unintended consequences of proposed
resolutions to ethical dilemmas and decisions affecting customers,
shareholders and the public good.
– Critically assess an institution’s attitudes and cultural behaviours
with a view to discerning its culture, applying pertinent tools, models
or frameworks.
– Assess the impact of group dynamics and behaviours on board or
team decision-making
– Evaluate existing policies and practices taking account of the
commercial, consumer protection and societal imperatives in the
context of delivering cultural change
– Appraise usefulness or otherwise of moral rules, codes, standards
or principals in leading and delivering cultural change
– Communicate to internal and external stakeholders how cultural
and ethical behavioural change can be addressed and facilitated to
deliver outcomes in the best interest of the company, customers and
– Engage in self-reflection on ethical and cultural decision-making, in
their role as leaders of cultural change

Who is the course for?

The programme has been designed in consultation with leading academic and industry experts, regulators and professionals in the areas of Compliance, Consumer Protection, Risk, Culture, Ethics and Behaviours working to international best practice across all sectors.


Ethical Practice in Financial Services

– Introduction to ethics in financial services:
Its relevance and importance
– Approaches to ethical decision making:
Models, frameworks and challenges
– A series of practical case-study sessions
focusing on:
– Organisational pressures and ethical
– Manging conflicts of interest
– The impact of culture and leadership
– Ethical dilemmas

Decision Making, Group Dynamics and Behaviour

Understanding how decisions are made
– The impact of cognitive biases on individual
and group decisions (group think, over
confidence etc)
– Diversity, inclusion and its’ impact on
decision making
– The role of performance management
– Understanding and embedding ‘Consumer
focus’ behaviours and conduct standards
– Regulatory expectations

Leading and Implementing Cultural Change

– Understanding of organisation culture
and mindsets
– Purpose, values and trust as drivers of
an effective culture
– Understand the indicator of a sound
risk culture
– How to lead cultural change (leadership
styles and their impact, role modelling)
– Instilling a culture of empowerment and
– Regulatory expectations (5 Cs, CPRA
model, Consumer Impact model)
– Culture MI and reporting to the board
– Whistleblowing and speak up

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