Professional Certificate in FinTech Risk & Compliance

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 2nd March 2021 - 27th July 2021
5 months

Location: Virtual

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Programme overview

The Compliance Framework in a FinTech Environment 

This unit positions the traditional compliance function in the technologically driven FinTech environment. The unit initially differentiates FinTech /operating models from so-called traditional financial services providers, reviews the existing regulatory environment from a FinTech perspective, and details the FinTech authorisation models. Overlaying the broad compliance framework, the unit progresses to examine the compliance framework and regulatory risks in the context of a FinTech business model, for example:  anti-money laundering (AML), data protection, safeguarding, and outsourcing risks. Finally, the unit focuses on fitness, probity, and conduct risks in a FinTech environment. Overall, the unit provides learners with the technical competence and operational perspective to effectively work (and manage compliance functions) within the contemporary FinTech operating environment

Compliance and Regulatory Risk in FinTech Ecosystem

This unit explores the Irish (EU) FinTech ecosystem and analyses the scope of current and evolving FinTech products/services. The unit identifies areas of increasing regulatory attention and differentiates the source of compliance risks related to the provision of specific FinTech services, for example: banking, credit/lending, funds, savings/investment, and insurance sectors. There is a specific focus on the innovation and compliance risk with respect to payments infrastructure, and the challenges of regulating crypto (digital) currencies/assets. The unit also evaluates specific risks to consumer protection and reviews the compliance risks issues related to the data-driven/customer centric product development, the unbundling of financial services, and the integration of third-party services providers. Finally, to complete the learner’s appreciation of compliance risk in the FinTech ecosystem, the unit evaluates the importance of a compliance culture in the provision of financial services, specifically in a technologically driven operating/business model.

Video Introduction to Prof Cert in Fintech Risk and Compliance

Learning outcomes:

On the successful completion of this unit learners will be able to:

  • Differentiate the technologically enabled business models of FinTech’s versus traditional financial service providers.
  • Understand the structure of the International, European, and Irish regulatory environment from a FinTech perspective.
  • Appraise the authorisation models for FinTech credit, payment, and electronic money institutions.
  • Analyse from an operational perspective the AML/CFT compliance and regulatory reporting risks in a FinTech operating environment.
  • Assess the compliance risks associated with date protection and the ethical use of personal data in a FinTech data driven operating model.
  • Identify the contemporary compliance risks in the safeguarding arrangements of payment and electronic money institutions.
  • Evaluate the regulatory focus upon compliance risks related to outsourcing of critical services by financial service providers.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of fitness, probity, conduct, and authorisation risks in an evolving FinTech environment.

Who is the course for?

This course is for participants who want to learn more FinTech, Compliance and Regulatory Risk.


The Compliance Framework in a FinTech Environment

  • FinTech’s versus Traditional Financial Service Providers
  • The FinTech Regulatory Environment
  • FinTech Authorisation Models
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance in a FinTech Environment
  • Data Protection in a FinTech Environment
  • Safeguarding Risks
  • Outsourcing Risks
  • Fitness and Probity and Conduct Risk

Compliance and Regulatory Risk in the FinTech Ecosystem

  • The FinTech Ecosystem
  • Regulatory Focus on FinTech Risks
  • Regulating Payments in the FinTech Ecosystem
  • Regulating Crypto Currencies/Assets in the FinTech Ecosystem
  • Consumer Protection in the FinTech Ecosystem
  • Compliance Risks in FinTech Product Development
  • FinTech Compliance & Control Structures
  • Compliance Culture in the FinTech Ecosystem

Trainer Profile

PAT is at the forefront of online education and digitally enhanced learning in Ireland. Having achieved the ACCA ALP (Approved Learning Partner) status in record time, PAT has been awarded Platinum Learner recognition by the ACCA – the highest level of quality assurance in teaching, learning and assessment excellence.

PAT has displayed an agility to innovate and adapt in response to new challenges and changes in the accountancy and finance sector. During the COVID-19 lockdown, PAT was able to run all scheduled classes and offer responsive student support by utilising the existing PAT Online infrastructure, which allowed for a seamless transition to the delivery of online classes exclusively without face to face contact – which has seen one of PAT’s students achieve a first in world placing from the December 2020 suite of ACCA examinations where approximately 120,000 students sat 150,000 examinations.

Most recently, PAT has announced the establishment of PAT Fintech, a financial technology / financial services training division. PAT Fintech is dedicated to the design and development of industry-led professionally certified skills training for the accountancy and financial services sector and is currently working in partnership with IFS Skillnet and the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland (ACOI) to develop a suite of programmes for compliance professionals in Ireland.

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