Money Market Funds

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Programme overview

The aim of this course is to provide a practical briefing on how Money Market funds work, and the benefits and risks for investors, and issuers.

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Learning outcomes:

The key learning goals are:

  • Understand how Money Market funds work
  • Know the benefits for investors
  • Know the benefits for issuers
  • Understand the risk transfer from issuer to investor well as the risks for investors.
  • Understand the embedded risks in the funds

Who is the course for?

The programme is aimed at investors of those working in Fund administration, investment management, audit or compliance.

Course Content:


  • Investment Funds overview
  • What is the Money Market?
  • Routes to Market / wrappers
  • Importance of Money Market funds in the financial markets
  • Institutional and retail investors

Case Study 1

  • ‘Breaking the Buck’

Types of Money Market investments

  • Government securities
  • CDs
  • Commercial Paper
  • Other investments

Case Study 2

  • Challenges for Money Market funds


  • US regulations
  • EU regulations
  • Other regulations

Inside a Money Market fund

•           Fund administration


  • Other support functions

Course wrap up

Trainer Profile

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