Managing communications & collaboration for the Team: ‘Use Microsoft TEAMS to collaborate as never before

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 2 Days

Location: Virtual Book Now

Programme overview

Learning outcomes

Working as a team: the training starts with understanding effective team behaviours and how to work well in teams. Attendees will learn how to harness the application to make team communication and collaboration easier – with reduced internal email traffic and reduced need for meetings. 

MS Teams functionality is learned with practical exercises that use business processes to apply the WorkingSm@rt Best Practices i.e. why and when to use MS Teams.

Who is the course for?

Workgroups and teams including managers, directors technical and sales leaders, , supervisors,  team leaders  and project leaders who currently use MS TEAMs, and are not optimizing this powerful software. 

Course Content:

Guidance on 365 Apps: As MS Teams gives easy access to all the 365 Apps, guidance is given on which 365 Apps to use for which purposes. This will be an important consideration if teams are to sidestep duplication of work, missed information or continuous distractions. Organisations are best advised to have strong IT Policies and Governance for using MS Teams to avoid misuse or bewilderment.

  • Setting-up: Agree best options & logical configurations and start applying them 
  • Integration: Understand how to use MS Teams with other key 365 Apps e.g. 
  • Outlook: How MS Teams and Outlook co-exist, and when to use each application 
  • OneNote: How MS Teams integrates with OneNote for sharing information 
  • Meetings: Administer meetings and track actions  
  • Project Management: Plan simple projects and manage, assign and track others’ tasks 
  • Document Sharing: Collaborate on documents  
  • Instant-messaging: Be more responsive using chat-based communications, with ‘Rules of Engagement’ 
  • Online calls: Easy-to-use voice and video calls 

Trainer Profile