Developing your leadership mindset

Start Dates: 23/06/2020

Duration: 3 hours
10am - 1pm

Location: Virtual
23rd June

Full Fee: €125

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Programme overview

Developing your Leadership mindset is critical during this challenging time. Leaders need to ensure they are clear on and maximise the value they can bring to teams and organisations. This will include having and
communicating a vision and having a strong sense of purpose for themselves and those around them.
Leaders need to develop stronger emotional intelligence than ever before, including a high degree of self-awareness and self-management. Building and maintaining resilience is also key

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Define resilience and explore its key components
  • Review and analyse how resilient you are feeling at the moment, factors that affect this and ways of managing these factors
  • Assess your emotional needs, how effectively these are being met and how to meet them more effectively
  • Explore strategies and techniques for building your own resilience, as well as helping others to build theirs

Who is the course for?

Programme is designed for leader/managers with responsibility for staff.


Preparatory work
Reflection questions will be provided in advance, together with some prereading/watching, so that participants come ready to interact and apply the
learning to their specific scenario and team.

What Makes a Leader
o What do leaders really do?
o Great leaders and leader vs manager
o Why is this important for you right now?

Emotional Intelligence
o “What distinguishes the outstanding leader from the merely
adequate?” – Daniel Goleman
o Defining emotional intelligence
o Research on neuroscience and the impact of positive emotions
o Developing emotional awareness (ABCD) and emotional
management – what’s working for you right now and what’s
o Developing a positive and proactive leadership mindset
o Action planning in small groups

Leadership Styles
Why is self-awareness important – linking back to Emotional Intelligence
o Share research on the impact of leadership style
o What drives behaviour – the behavioural iceberg
o Introducing leadership styles and helping people to select their
preferred style:
Authoritative – the driver
Persuasive – the motivator
Administrative – the thinker
Participative – the supporter
o Small group discussions with guided questions to help leaders
manage their own behaviour to be the best they can be at the
moment (while still being themselves!)

Authentic Leadership – being the authentic you
Why should anyone be led by you?
o Discuss leadership shadow/the impact leaders have on people,
especially right now!
o How important it is to be proactive regarding your image and impact
(and how to do this)
o Leadership Aura: guided questions to help people find clarity on
what they stand for and what they want to be remembered for
o Commitment to leadership – how to be purposeful and deliberate
o Recognising and creating opportunities for people to live the
leadership aura they created

Personal action planning
o We will request that people stay in touch with and support each
following this course
o We will encourage people to share their leadership style with others
o We will encourage people to share their leadership aura and execute
their action plans
o We will provide further resources for watching and reading, so that
participants can continue their development at home. This will
include TED talks, articles and books.

Trainer Profile

PDI Consultants