Leadership as a Profession

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 3 Days

Full Fee: €1000

Network Members Fee: €650

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Programme overview

The Leadership as a Profession Programme aims to provide knowledge and skill in delivering leadership in an organisational change context. The programme aims to develop cohorts of leadership across the organisation with a key focus on action learning sets, developing a Community of Altrocentric/Servant Leaders. The focus of the content aims to put Authenticity and the Power of the Peers actions sets into everyday leadership development. 

In addition, the programme aims to bring leadership competencies/ attributes to life in leadership in practice activities.

Learning outcomes

  • To affect the expectation that Leadership (is) a Profession, intrinsic to the strategic organisational pillars, based on the foundation of a set of People Attributes. 
  • To embed a ‘blended learning culture’ in which leaders understand their and their followers’ learning comprises self-directonline learning, social/action learning sets and peer coaching in addition to leadership education (70:20:10) 
  • To build the capability of managers in support of the Transformation Management. 
  • To infuse the key tenets of the Executive Excellence into the broader organisation 
  • To develop a culture where ‘Collaboration and Agility’, incorporating the Agile Manifesto 
  • To extend trust across the organisation by building a ‘fellowship of leaders’ whose behaviours will influence those of their followers. 
  • To make each leader accountable to each other for their Leadership Development Plan (via co-coaching) and Leadership in Practice. 
  • To build upon the success of LearnScape process, where we authentically engaging leaders in leadership dialogue. 

Who is the course for?

Program is designed for all management levels from Team Leaders to Senior Management. 


Workshop 1: Trust & Collaborative Leadership 

Action Learning Sets 

Workshop 2: Entrepreneurship & Customer Market Excellence 

Co-Coaching Sets & Integration Conversations 

Leadership in Practice Groups 

Trainer Profile

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