Introduction to Fund Accounting

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 1-2 Days

Full Fee: €600

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Programme overview

This course will be beneficial to participants involved in fund management, in particular fund accounting, net asset valuation and operations. The course will provide an overview of technical aspects of accounting and disclosures for funds and their financial instruments. It will also include basic pricing and valuation of instruments.



Learning outcomes:

  • Different accounting frameworks – UK GAAP and IFRS
  • Effective yield calculation, amortizations and valuation of fixed income instruments
  • Key elements of equity trade and valuation techniques
  • Accounting for investment income and fund expenses (fixed and variable)
  • Calculation of net asset value (NAV)
  • Analysis and disclosures in fund financial statements

Who is the course for?

The programme is aimed at accountants who are new to fund accounting.

The course assumes a good knowledge of accounting either as a qualified or part qualified accountant.

Course Content:

Introduction to financial statements

  • International standards
  • Overview of fund financial statements and disclosures

Debt instruments

  • Effective yield calculation
  • Amortization and interest income
  • Fair valuation

Equity trades

  • Key elements of an equity trade
  • Fair valuation
  • Trade and settlement dates

Accounting for financial instruments

  • Accruals concept
  • Accounting for investment income and fund expenses (fixed and variable)
  • Derivatives valuation and accounting

Net asset valuation (NAV)

  • Meaning and key elements of NAV
  • NAV cycle
  • Impact of expenses on NAV

Capital activities

  • Subscriptions, distributions and redemptions
  • Implications of NAV calculation error

Pricing and valuation

  • Key elements of valuation pricing policy
  • Pricing investments in portfolio
  • Case study on net asset valuation

Trainer Profile

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