Influencing with Impact

Start Dates: 25/06/2020

Duration: 3 Hours
10am - 1pm

Location: Virtual

Full Fee: €125

Network Members Fee: €50 Book Now

Programme overview

This course will help participants to identify ways in which they can become more influential and impactful during the COVID 19 crisis. They will do this through developing a strong influencing strategy and applying impactful communication skills. The virtual classroom is highly interactive, and participants will discuss real
life situations throughout, culminating in a paired coaching session with a colleague.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course participants should be able to;

  • Explore how to maximise your personal impact and influence while working remotely
  • Identify your own preferred influencing style and how to flex it to obtain and retain commitment to your ideas
  • Develop and demonstrate a strategic and structured approach to influencing and persuading people in the current climate
  • Explore how you can enhance your communication skills (at a distance) to get buy-in from others

Who is the course for?

Programme is designed for leader/managers with responsibility for staff.


Preparatory work
Carry out some pre-reading /watching relating to Influencing
Bring a business relationship or a communication scenario in which you
would like to have better influence

o What gives us influence and impact?
o How is the current climate affecting our ability to do this?
o Influencing remotely – top tips
o Influencing – a 5-Step Process (POLES) – Prepare, Open, Listen,
Explore, Share

o Identifying your preferred influencing style as well as your strengths
and weaknesses in the backdrop of social distancing
o The importance of your mindset on your personal impact
o Developing a remote influencing strategy
o Stakeholder mapping – how to manage your stakeholders effectively
during COVID 19

Opening your interactions
o How to build rapport over the phone or computer
o Framing your conversations to get off to the best start

Listen and Explore
o Using questions to understand others’ needs, priorities and what
works for them
o How to really listen and read people’s emotions/intentions when you
are not physically together
o Dealing with resistance to your ideas

Sharing your message in an influential and impactful way
o How to structure your message for maximum impact
o Communication methods for impact at a social distance

Paired coaching and Action Planning

o We will request that people stay in touch with and support each
following this course.
o We will provide further resources for watching and reading, so that
participants can continue their development at home. This will
include TED talks, articles and books.

Trainer Profile

PDI Consultants