Higher Diploma in Fintech

Start Dates: TBC

Location: Virtual

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Programme overview

The Higher Diploma (HDip) in FinTech is an intensive and challenging programme focused on financial fundamentals, core data analytics, security, and entrepreneurship collectively known as Financial Technologies

Learning outcomes:

The overall goal of this programme is to provide graduates with essential
development skills to use technology to make financial services more efficient. Upon completion of this course, graduates are able to cooperate in the
innovation of financial services by making informed decisions regarding
requirements implementation, evaluation and documentation of software

  • Upon the completion of the HDip in FinTech, graduates will be able to:
    Apply and develop knowledge and understanding of advanced concepts
    in the following areas: Governance and Regulation; Data analysis and
    data visualisation; Quantitative modelling; Cyber- security and auditing;
    Big data analytics; High level as well as deep Financial Data Analysis
    skills; Cryptocurrencies.
  • Explain concepts and theories in the specialist areas of FinTech.
  • Research, model, design, implement and evaluate FinTech models,
    applications, approaches, and artefacts that demonstrate use of stateof-the-art software, processes, methodologies and tools. Apply business
    and entrepreneurial concepts to FinTech products and processes.
  • Analytically identify, formulate and manage technical as well as business
    solutions in the analysis, design, development and/or deployment of
    FinTech artefacts.
  • Use advanced skills to choose appropriate methods, tools, and
    technologies for the development of FinTech applications, services, and
    business cases. Apply best practice in developing FinTech solutions in a
    range of real-world contexts.
  • Acquire specialist FinTech skills to facilitate individual as well as
    collaborative work with supervisors and peers within an organisation.
  • Apply appropriate independent learning strategies which meet the
    requirements of the rapidly changing FinTech industry.
  • Identify a global awareness of different perspectives, an appreciation of
    the complexities of business relationships and an ability to apply best
    practice in building trust, motivation and collaborative work among
    diverse and multicultural groups.

Who is the course for?

There are a number of different categories of potential learners that have been
identified as suitable candidates for this course:

• Learners graduating from a STEM degree that would like to consolidate
their existing academic knowledge and progress into the emerging
FinTech market.
• Learners that have graduated from a social science course with strong
numerical skills and are looking to migrate into a new discipline to
increase their employment potential.
• Learners that have graduated from a Finance or Computing background
and seek to professionally mediate the two domains.
• Learners who are currently working in the Financial sector and do not
have the relevant academic or IT experience but have an appropriate
Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL) application and are
looking for a progression path in their current working environment or
are looking to move to a new job.


Semester 1
e-Finance and Services [10 ECTS]
Business Data Analysis [10 ECTS]
Data Governance and Cybersecurity [ 10 ECTS]

Semester 2
Financial Data Analytics [10 ECTS]
e-Contracts and Payment [5 ECTS]
An Introduction to Data Forensics and Auditing [5 ECTS]

Semester 3
Project [10 ECTS]

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