Future of Financial Services Leadership

Start Dates: TBC

Location: All modules will take place at the Irish Management Institute (IMI) campus in Sandyford, Dublin 16

Full Fee: €30,000 (based on 4 participants from each company)

Network Members Fee: €22,500 (based on 4 participants from each company)

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Programme overview

The Financial services and Fintech sectors have changed immeasurably over the last ten years, but in the next ten they will utterly transform.
Customers looking for a frictionless digital experience are starting to look outwards to new innovative competitors, decoupling that relationship with their bricks and mortar financial provider step by step and transaction by transaction. The extreme customer centricity now required of financial providers largely lies in their digital capabilities, with fintech and big tech companies encroaching rapidly in those areas.
For traditional banks, this requires a mindset shift within their organisation. For fintech and big tech players, it requires the ability to deliver their product within a highly regulated marketplace. For regulators, it requires an understanding of what’s to come. Above all, this new ultra-competitive landscape will need the right people to drive their organisations forward.

The Future of Financial Services Leadership Programme is an opportunity for your high potential leaders to look at the marketplace through a new lens and develop the mindset and capability to deliver on change that is being driven by our most important stakeholder – the customer.
In late 2018, the IMI conducted a series of in-depth focus groups with leaders from across the financial service industry to explore key challenges and opportunities facing leaders in the sector. This programme represents the insights and feedback from these focus groups, coupled with extensive research and experience working with the sector. This highly strategic and immersive programme will build a bench strength of future fit leaders who can leverage the diversity of thought across the sector and deliver quantifiable value back to your organisation.

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Learning outcomes

Through this programme participants will:
• Understand their role in the cultural and organisational transformation         required of the financial services sector

• Develop a more agile and collaborative style of leadership to lead across   disparate divisions and eco systems

• Become fluent in the language of digital and, not only become comfortable   with disruptive innovations, but lead them

• Be capable and confident to challenge current thinking and lead their
organisations through change and uncertainty

• Build a network across the sector to leverage in the future

Who is the course for

IMI’s Future of Financial Services Leadership Programme is designed for senior managers working in financial services and fintech. Ideally, each participating organisation will send a team of four leaders representing diverse divisions such as payments, customer experience, IT, digital transformation, regulation, compliance, analytics etc.

Organisations will benefit through:

• Having a cohort of leaders fluent in technology and innovation practices
• Developing a new form of agile leadership within their organisation, with the     ability to deliver change strategies across the ecosystem
• Peer learning through cross-company projects on themes relevant to all in      the industry


Module 1. Scoping the Future Landscape

Discover the vision of what your organisation will look like in the future.
Explore the evolution of current trends, the technology accelerators driving the change, and identify the levers and capabilities that will define the successful financial enterprise in 2025.

Module 2. Mastering Disruption

Identify and master the forces of disruption impacting the financial
services sector. Cultivate the disruptive and innovative mindset
required in an environment where change is the norm, drive key strategic
initiatives, and influence stakeholders to deliver on much-needed change.


Module 3. Shaping the Organisation

Evaluate how future ready your organisation is and develop strategies that identify key challenges and opportunities. Incorporate the latest technological
solutions, organisational designs, people capabilities and cultural best practices to shape an organisation that can perform sustainably at pace.


Module 4. Creating Followership

In uncertain environments, leaders with purpose will be the catalysts within
their organisation for driving lasting change. With increased talent competition in the sector, an increased need for diversity in the upper echelons of management, and the necessity of a truly collaborative culture, it will be the leaders that can create an agile and purpose-led followership that will come out on top.


Module 5. Delivering Stakeholder Value

From shareholders through to the ultimate stakeholder – the customer – the future of financial services depends on delivering value across multiple channels. Explore best practice in stakeholder mapping and management, discover the latest research in consumer behaviour and customer experience, and develop the decision making ability to create successful pathways in a
complex environment.


Module 6. Creating Sustainable Impact

With change comes complexity, and with complexity comes uncertainty. By developing your executive presence to influence and impact stakeholders, you will be able to lead your organisation with vision and purpose through the challenges ahead – creating a long-lasting legacy for others to follow.

Trainer Profile

IMI’s mission, and passion, is to equip leaders to build the future.

Founded by business leaders for business leaders, they have been empowering world-class executives for over sixty years.

In partnership with UCC’s expert research faculty and an international network of thought leaders, IMI’s  globally-ranked executive development will challenge, support and inspire you to unlock your potential and fulfil your ambition.

Surrounded by passionate, like-minded executives, you’ll be equipped with the tools and insights to shape the future of your organisation.


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