Excel Foundation

Start Date: 22/09/2018

Duration: 1 Day

Accreditation: There is no formal accreditation. All candidates receive a Trigraph Certificate of Attendance. Attendees are eligible for 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU’s).

Full Fee: €395

Network Members Fee: €205

Programme overview

This course covers all the basic functions of MS Excel: creating and saving a spreadsheet, editing cells / data, managing worksheets, use of basic formulas and functions, formatting, creating charts and producing printed outputs.

Course Objectives /Learning Outcomes

This 1 day course is designed to develop and increase users’ knowledge of the features and functions within Excel and realize the advantages of using a powerful spreadsheet application. The course is ‘hands on’, so those attending will get practice in creating and modifying actual spreadsheets, enhancing them with charts.

Who should Attend

Users with a basic understanding of MS Excel who want to consolidate and expand on their knowledge of the basic features

Course Content

Working with Spreadsheets

  • Opening/Closing Excel
  • Opening Existing Workbook
  • Switching Between Open Spreadsheet Files
  • Creating a New Spreadsheet
  • Saving an Existing Workbook
  • Saving an Existing Workbook as another File Type

Enhancing Productivity

  • Setting Basic Options/Preferences
  • Using the Zoom Tool
  • Displaying/Hiding Ribbon
  • Using Available Help Functions

Inserting and Selecting

  • Cells Contents
  • Making a Cell Active
  • Entering Text/Number/Date in a Cell
  • Selecting Cells, Columns, Rows, Worksheet
  • Using the Fill Handle
    Editing Data
  • Replacing Cell Content
  • Modifying Cell Content
  • Undo/Redo
    Copy/ Moving and Deleting

Copying/Moving within a Worksheet

  • Copying/Moving within a Worksheet

Managing Worksheets

  • Rows and Columns
  • Delete, Insert, Copy, Move, Hide Rows/Columns
  • Modify Column Width
  • Delete, Insert, Copy, Move Worksheets
  • Copying/Moving between Worksheet

Formulas and Functions

  • Arithmetic Formulas
  • Using Cell References
  • Relative Cell Referencing
  • Absolute Cell Referencing
  • Functions Sum, Count, If


  • Numbers and Dates
  • Cell Contents
  • Alignment and Border Effects
  • Text Wrap


  • Selecting/Changing a Chart Type
  • Moving a Chart
  • Resizing/Deleting a Chart
  • Edit a Chart
  • Chart Title
  • Data Labels
  • Background
  • Legend

Prepare Outputs

  • Page Orientation
  • Margins
  • Page Set-up
  • Headers and Footers

Check and Print

  • Checking and Correcting Calculations and Text
  • Turn On/Off Gridlines, Row/Column Headings
  • Apply Title Pringing on every page
  • Previewing a Worksheet
  • Printing a Worksheet

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