Effective Communication Skills

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Duration: 1 day

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Programme overview

This course teaches students about interpersonal communication styles and techniques through interactive exercises.  Students learn how to use communications techniques (e.g. negotiation, non-verbal communication, feedback) effectively to communicate with individuals who hold different positions in an organisation including peers, supervisors, subordinates and also customers/vendors.
Promoting ideas, handling negotiations, and dealing with human resource issues are also covered along with identifying an organisation’s culture and exploring ways to take advantage of a cultural network.


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Learning outcomes

This course is aimed at helping participants to:

  • Identify common communication problems that may be holding them back
  • Develop skills to ask questions
  • Learn what their non-verbal messages are telling others
  • Develop skills in listening actively and empathetically to others
  • Enhance their ability to handle difficult situations
  • Deal with situations assertively


The course will enable the participant to:

  • Identify the elements that influence first impressions, build rapport and establish credibility with others and thus build positive relationships
  • Provide positive and constructive feedback in a business setting
  • Determine the nature of an organisation’s culture and roles in a cultural network
  • Use the cultural network to your advantage and the elements that affect interpersonal communication
  • Identify the ways in which managers can build a positive culture

Who is the course for?
Any individuals interested in learning effective communication techniques in a business environment

Course Content:

Creating Positive Relationships

  • explore ways to build positive relationships, with colleagues and customers.

Communication Basics

  • identify one’s communication strengths and weaknesses through several reflective exercises. Explore our frame of reference and the assumptions that we make.

Growing Self-Awareness

  • complete a self-confidence assessment and investigate ways that one can improve their self-image and thereby deal with difficult situations assertively and positively.


Communication Styles

  • participants are enables to take a more objective look at the advantages and disadvantages of both sides of different dichotomies related to communication styles.

Communication Barriers

  • After a large group case study, participants will work in small groups to discuss barriers to communication. There will be opportunity to practice giving and receiving feedback. Participants will work on their listening skills by participating in several group exercises.

Asking Questions

  • examine questioning skills (including open questions, closed questions, and probing) through a lecture and a pairs exercise.

Verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Participants will explore how much we communicate through our body language, voice tone, movement and proxemics.

Techniques for the Workplace

  • participants will learn about two key elements of an effective message: preparation and delivery. The session will also focus on using electronic means to communicate, identifying pitfalls and developing best practice to ensure our message is appropriate and effective.

Trainer Profile:

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