Diversity Workshop

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 1 day
Registration at: 9:00am
Starting time: 9:30am
Finishing time: 5pm

Location: Clayton Hotel Cork City
Lapp's Quay, Centre, Cork

Full Fee: €120

Network Members Fee: Free of Charge

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Programme overview

In a recent survey by Ernst &Young 100% of business leaders agreed with the statement

‘Inclusive environment is vital for business performance’

Yet the same report demonstrates a significant gap between what organisations believe about diversity and inclusion, and their actions.

Designing and implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy can be a fraught with difficulty; from achieving stakeholder support, to resourcing, and identifying which activities will make a difference. Many organisations struggle with the realities of translating good intentions into meaningful sustainable changes.

Yet the case for more inclusive and diverse workplaces has never been more compelling. Companies with more diverse boards perform better, are more profitable and have greater success in hiring and retaining talent.

Learning outcomes

Participants will develop a greater understanding diversity and inclusion in the context of:

  • Equality and fairness
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Intelligent business practice

They will discover how to advocate for greater diversity and inclusion within their organisation, and make a compelling case that will engage all stakeholder groups.


This one-day workshop will help participants ensure that their organisations can move from focusing on policy and compliance to developing an organically diverse workplace.


Key Topics

This workshop will answer key questions, including:

  • What do diversity, inclusion and belonging mean in todays workplace?
  • Why is diversity and inclusion a business imperative?
  • What are the current levels of diversity and inclusion in the financial services sector?
  • How can an organisation embed diversity, inclusion and belonging?
  • How should an organisation measure and benchmark its strategy?

Trainer Profile

Trainer:  Dawn Leane

Passionate about the need for greater diversity at senior levels, Dawn established Leane Leaders to support individuals and organisations on their diversity journey. She has a particular interest in contemporary women’s leadership issues and is a regular contributor to professional journals on the topic.

Her work as an Executive Coach is almost exclusively with women, which affords a greater insight to the issues women experience when advancing their careers and she has coached many women to success.