Diploma in Leadership Development

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 6 months

Accreditation: Higher Diploma (level 8)

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Programme overview

The Higher Diploma in Leadership Development  is a part-time programme delivered over eighteen months. While the majority of lectures will be delivered onsite in client company’s facilities or the option to be delivered on campus in UCC over the course of the programme.  

The aim of the Higher Diploma in Leadership Development is to enhance students’ leadership capability through a leadership development programme that is specifically applied to their own organisation. The programme aims to combine academic, professional and personal development in the area of leadership development.   Students’ main area of study will be in understanding and delivering leadership through enabling role specific competency development. This focus on leadership will encompass skill development in areas such as understanding group dynamics, building team effectiveness, and enhancing innovative problem-solving and decision-making. Study will also span a range of management techniques including people and talent management, managing change, customer relationship management, strategic thinking and transformation management.   

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the Higher Diploma in Leadership Development, students should be able to: 

  • Demonstrate a professional expertise in the nature and process of leadership and its application within their organisation’s context. 
  • Identify and align personal leadership strengths and areas for improvement with corporate competency framework. 
  • Harness the role of coaching and mentoring in leadership and team development and develop coaching interventions for personal and organisation development. 
  • Demonstrate enhanced leadership and management skills in order to improve organisational and personal performance. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of leadership practices within their own organisation. 
  • Deliver effective planned change interventions and evaluate the impact of change on the organisation and the individuals within from a risk management perspective. 
  • Assess the ways in which leadership and management style have an impact on team dynamics, productivity and effectiveness. 
  • Apply leadership theory to the organisational context – specifically to the organisation’s strategy and culture. 
  • Apply innovation tools and techniques in their own decision-making processes in order to enhance organisational and individual problem solving and decision-making processes.  
  • Evaluate the impact of their learning on their own context. 

Who is the course for?

All manager grades from Assistant Manager to Senior Management.

Programme Modules 

Personal and Organisation Development

Leadership and Management

Strategic Management

Customer Relationship Management

Talent Management

Transformation Management 

These modules consist of three core elements:  

  • Formal course work; 
  • Self-directed learning using cases studies;  
  • Work-based projects which allow students to gain practical experience in applying theories and concepts to everyday work. 

Trainer Profile

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