Digital Skills for Financial Services

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Programme overview

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Learning outcomes:

  • Innovation and modern digital technologies
  • Digital Marketing and Web Presence
  • Online collaboration and communication
  • Digital User Experience and Data Visualization
  • Process Automation
  • Web Analytics and Data Analytics with Python
  • Big Data, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
  • Managing a Digital Transformation Project
  • Cyber Security and Data Protection

Who is the course for?

Any individuals or teams who wish to become more familiar with and to apply new tools, techniques and technologies within their work environment.

Course Content:

Fundamentals of Data Visualisation
Participants will learn to apply their knowledge using tools like Tableau for data visualization and analysis.
▪ Introduction to Information Management and Classification
▪ Introduction to Analysis of Data
▪ Introduction to Graphs, their Purpose and Usage
▪ Information Management Techniques
▪ Data Hierarchy and Dashboards
▪ Statistical Analysis and Linear Regression
▪ Business Analysis and Information Requirements

Digital Marketing – Social Media Marketing
This course introduces you to the ever-evolving concept of Digital
Marketing, with a focus on Social Media Marketing. Based on the conversion Funnel framework, you will acquire an in-depth understanding on how to navigate a potential customer from awareness phase to the stage where the campaign objective(s) is met.
We review several effective Social Media Marketing campaigns and
during the course you will are introduced to several social media

Lastly, we will discuss about how a well-planned Content Strategy
and proper Landing Page Optimization will both play a significant
role within the Conversion Funnel framework.

Developing Fintech Talent
This training equips and certifies FinTech professional with the right
set of skills required to succeed in the workplace while additionally
providing opportunities to expand their network by connecting with
fellow practitioners, leaders and entrepreneurs.

▪ Introduction to FinTech
▪ Design Thinking in Financial Services
▪ Big Data and Machine Learning in Finance
▪ Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing and the API Economy
▪ Digital Currencies, Blockchain and IoT Regulations
▪ RegTech and Digital Risk
▪ FinTech Leadership

Trainer Profile

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