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Programme overview

This course helps participants develop a comprehensive, practical understanding of derivative instruments including market conventions, contract specifications, valuation, trading strategies and the regulation of derivatives markets.

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Learning outcomes:

• Define derivative market participants
• Identify the primary product areas: futures/forwards, options & swaps.
• Describe the ways in which each user group uses each derivative
• Learn to price forward and futures contracts
• Be familiar with futures contract specifications and market
• Understand the valuation of derivatives

Who is the course for?

This course will be of benefit to those who wish to develop an understanding of derivatives and the markets in which they operate.

Course Content:

The participants in the market
– Types of trader
– Types of investor

Market structure and how derivatives are used
– What is a derivative generically?
– What is hedging?
– Why use derivatives as well as or in place of cash assets?
– Exchange traded versus OTC products
– Regulatory change
 The impact of EMIR and Dodd Franks

– What are they?
– How do they work?
– Central counterparties and margining
– Applications of futures

– Definition
– Pay-off profiles
– Settlement
– The concept of pricing
– Intrinsic and time value
 Forward rate agreements

– Uses of swaps
– Types of swaps
 Interest rate swaps
 Currency swaps
 Asset / liability swaps
 Total return swaps
 Credit default swaps
– Overview of other derivative instruments
 Swaptions

Trainer Profile

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