Current Market Developments in, Equity Products, Fixed Income Products and Commodities for SWAPS, Derivatives and Fixed Income Securities

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 1 - 2 Days Book Now

Programme overview

Topics will vary depending on client requirements and market issues but would currently include:

  • CRD IV
  • Commodities – Should you clients be investing now
  • When will the next change in interest rates be?
  • Mifid II
  • Basel 4
  • Common Reporting Standards
  • The revaluation of the US Dollar, and its impact on corporate earnings
  • Stock Market – end of the bull market or minor correction
  • Fin Tech
  • GDPR
  • Fund Accounting
  • Why do smart clients make bad investment decisions

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Learning outcomes:

The learning objectives are depending on the topic but include

  • What is the issue
  • Understanding why it impacts the firm
  • Understand how it impacts the firm
  • What does business as usual look like

For example

Mifid II

  • Know the MIFID II rules
  • Understand how bond trading will be impacted
  • Understand the impact on OTC markets
  • Know the impact on Darkpools
  • Understand the impact of central clearing.
  • Know the reporting requirements

Who is the course for?

The programmes can be targeted at all levels and business areas of financial services firms, and firms working with financial services companies.

Course Content:

Example Outline – MIFID II

  • Introduction
  • Key Mifid II rules
    • Price transparency
    • Central Clearing
  • How is bond trading likely to be impacted
    • Types of bonds
    • Trading data
  • Understand the impact on OTC markets
  • Understand the impact of central clearing.
  • Reporting requirements
    • Pricing data
    • Transaction data
    • Timeliness


Example Outline –  Commodities- Time to Invest?

  • Introduction
  • Commodities overview versus equities and bonds
  • Impact of the US dollar
  • Current market trends
  • Individual commodities – energy (WTI/Brent/natural gas)
    • precious metals (gold/silver/platinum), base metals (iron, copper, nickel, .), agriculture (corn/coffee/cocao/Palm/Soy…), emissions
  • Investment strategies – futures
    • ETF
    • equities (miners/shippers/supply chain …)
    • Alternatives (hedge funds ….)
  • Correlations
  • ETF/ETN/Leverage/Ultra short

Training provider:

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