Credit Risk for Private banking

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 2 Days

Full Fee: €1200

Network Members Fee: €700 Book Now

Programme overview

This two day programme is for bankers and credit managers responsible for lending to clients and customers.  The programme can be tailored to the needs of private banks or commercial banks. We leverage case studies based on real experiences with clients, and explore the banks credit risk policies to create a facilitated discussion.

Learning outcomes

  • Recap the types of risk in lending
  • Understand the sources of risk in lending
  • Know how to structure deals to meet client needs whilst managing bank risk.
  • Understand examples where risk management sound prevented losses.

Who is the course for?

This workshop is suitable for bankers and credit managers responsible for lending to clients and customers.


Participants will benefit from preparatory study with following Intuition Know-How tutorials:

  • Credit Analysis – An Introduction
  • Credit Analysis – Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Credit Analysis – Income Statement Analysis
  • Credit Analysis – Cash Flow Analysis
  • Private Wealth Management – Credit & Lending

Course Outline

  • Introduction and recap of online learning
  • Changing world of Banking- Declining AUM, squeezed margins, change in regulations, role of risk management
  • Types of risk: Credit, Operational, Market, Liquidity
  • Case study 1: Ross
  • Banking lending: an overview of lending products in BU Clients
    • What we finance and how do we do it
    • Property lending
    • Leveraged Investing
    • Lombard loans (regulation ‘T’)
    • Loans to HNWI’s business and investment projects
  • Developments in Private Wealth Management (aircraft financing, commercial real estate etc.)
  • Case study 2: Carr
  • Loan pricing
    • Basel II implications
    • Linkages with Economic Capital, Risk Weighted Assets, Liquidity premiums etc.
      • Loan pricing tool, approach and standards
      • Cash flows
      • Bullet loans
      • Amortising loans
      • APR
    • Case study 3: Gorman
    • Credit in distressed situations
      • Early warnings, Restructuring, Recovery
    • ‘Lessons learnt’ from credit risk incidents in the bank
    • Risk control
      • Risk monitoring, collateral management
      • Correlation and market risk
      • Margin calls, topping up and closing out
    • Case study 4: Strauss/Waltz A.G.
    • Behavioural skills
      • Management of conflict / negotiation (interplay between risk managers and front office)
    • Role Play 1: Rooney
    • Linkage with operations risk
      • Operational risk within the credit risk process
    • Summary & Close

Trainer Profile

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