Covid 19 Workplace Protection Workshop

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Full Fee: €350

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Programme overview

Programme Overview:
Exposure to COVID-19 may present a health risk to workers and other persons at a workplace. The focus of the programme is to enable employers to follow the latest public health advice and identify and implement suitable control measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection in the workplace and to communicate these public health measures to all relevant employees and others at the place of work.

9.30am to 5pm

Learning outcomes

Programme Outcomes:
On completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Create a suitable COVID-19 response plan, managing the risks to employees and the public.
• Develop a suitable COVID-19 training programme for employees.
• Explain the Legislative requirements for employers and employees relating to COVID-19.
• Explain the requirements for occupational risk assessments relating to COVID-19.
• Describe recommended OSH arrangements to take in preparing for a return to work.
• Develop suitable policies and procedures for suspected cases or contact with a confirmed case in the workplace.
• Develop a suitable COVID-19 training programme for employees.

Who is the course for

Managers, Supervisors or OHS Specialists who want to implement, maintain, assess and improve their organisation’s ability to manage the risks to their employees and the public from COVID-19.


Morning Session:

Course Introduction

About Covid-19
The Legislation
How an outbreak would affect workplaces
HSA Expectations and guidance
Risk Assessment

Afternoon Session:

Preparing the workplace:
Control Measures
Engineering controls
Administrative controls
Training, Supervision, Social Distancing arrangements
Team management
Hygiene, Waste management, Working from home.

PPE/RPE: current guidance and recommendations
Policy and Procedures
A suspected case in the workplace:
Contact with confirmed cases
Sample preparation checklists.

Trainer Profile

With over 30 years experience delivering training programmes in all sectors of the economy, Ibec Management training offer accredited and short programmes, online learning and customised in-company training in the following areas:

· Management and Executive Development
· Employment Law
· Industrial Relations
· Business, Operations and Finance
· Occupational Health and Safety

Their team of highly qualified facilitators help managers develop their skills, competence and knowledge, to drive performance and lead their teams, whilst ensuring a positive industrial and employee relations culture exists.