Corporate Governance – Outsourcing Issues – Management and Effective Oversight

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Duration: Half Day

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Programme overview

This course provides an overview of some of the main issues which might be experienced by a firm who seek to outsource some of its internal functions to an external service provide

Learning outcomes
The course will highlight some of the issues of outsourcing internal operations and will detail methods to help reduce or minimize problems associated with same.

Who is the course for?


1. Mutual understanding of the contract between the provider of outsourcing services and the client firm.

2. Skills and quality of the service provider and its staff.

3. Customer perception and resistance to change.

4. Culture clash between provider and client.

5. Damage to the client’s internal culture.

6. Communication between the service provider and the client.

7. Process adjustments during transitionary period.

8. Access to information by the client.

9. Decision rights and authority.

10. Lack of development of internal solutions.

Trainer Profile

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