Corporate Actions

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Programme overview

This course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of Corporate Actions relating to debt and equity – what they are, where they
originate and why they happen – together with a detailed exploration of each action and the impact it has on the company and the shareholder.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Appreciate the timescales, action and relevant calculations required
    for each action
  • Understand the roles played by registrars, clearing houses and
  • Understand the need for proactive management of corporate actions
    by investors
  • Differentiate between actions which impact the balance sheet, those
    which impact income and expense, and those which affect both e.g.
    scrip dividends

Who is the course for?
This course intended for those working in client or market facing positions in fixed income within a bank or fund management company and for middle office or operations staff who require greater product and market knowledge.

Course Content:

Definition and Purpose of Corporate Actions

  • Characteristics of equities
  • Characteristics of bonds
  • Company meetings / voting

Types of Corporate Action

  • Mandatory
  • Mandatory with options
  • Voluntary

The Main Types of Equity Corporate Action

Dividends including cum-div, ex-div, record date, payment, scrip dividends

  • Rights Issues including calculations
  • Bonus / Scrip Issues
  • Share splits & Takeovers

Descriptions of the Main Types of Bond Corporate Action

  • Maturity
  • Rating change
  • Callable and puttable bonds

Life Cycle of a Corporate Actions Event

  • Dates
  • Steps in the process
  • Participants in the process
  • Typical timetables

The Corporate Actions Department

  • Structure
  • Who does what?

Awareness of Corporate Actions in Foreign Jurisdictions

Trainer Profile

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