Coaching at a Distance

Start Dates: 30/06/2020

Duration: 3 Hours
10am - 1pm

Location: Virtual

Full Fee: €125

Network Members Fee: €50 Book Now

Programme overview

This coaching workshop will be highly interactive and engagement will be comparable to face to face training.

The session will include:
• maximum participation: opportunities to interact at a minimum of
every 3 minutes via verbal discussion, voting buttons, hand raising,
written chat, polls
• small group work –break out groups will allow you to apply your
learning or reflect in pairs or smaller groups
• intimate focused platform which allows face to face interaction with
the entire group (if you can use your webcam

Learning outcomes

On completion of this programme, participants should be able to:

  • Explore what coaching is and how it can improve performance and motivation
  • Learn how to set yourself and your team members up for success while coaching over various platforms
  • Practice the key skills of coaching (listening and questioning) and how to use these at a distance and over various platforms
  • Learn and practice the GROW Coaching Model
  • Obtain self-created solutions to challenges through being coached by a colleague

Who is the course for?
Programme is designed for leader/managers with responsibility for staff.


Preparatory work
Read some literature relating to coaching
Complete a short listening self-assessment
Bring an example of a challenge you currently have, so that you can be
coached by a colleague during the workshop ( guidelines will be provided)

Definitions & Context
o What is your experience of coaching?
o What do you hope to gain from the session?
o Coaching remotely – setting yourselves up for success

Listening & Questioning in focus (including the nuances of working
o Three level listening – 2 short videos
o Powerful questioning – a challenge
The GROW model for coaching
o Group coaching exercise to demonstrate GROW

Skills to practice in pairs or threes
o Participants coach each other on real life issues
o They give each other feedback on how they applied GROW

When to use coaching
o Skill/Will Development
o Applying coaching with your team
o Further tips for coaching virtually
o Action Planning

Post-course work
o Carry out a coaching session with a team member
o Complete a self-reflection questionnaire
o Extra resources to read/watch will be provided
o We will provide further resources for watching and reading, so that
participants can continue their development at home. This will
include TED talks, articles and book

Trainer Profile

PDI Consultants