BCS Certificate in Systems Modelling Techniques

Start Dates: TBC

Duration: 6 Months

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Programme overview

The BCS Systems Modelling Techniques course is primarily concerned with modelling systems from a variety of perspectives. It requires delegates to construct three main types of model reflecting these individual perspectives and to describe the interactions between them.

The method followed for modelling is based on a structured approach. Modelling systems is an aid to the design of robust flexible and maintainable systems, and a communication mechanism for deployment and operational use.

Systems Modelling Techniques is a Practitioner Certificate from the BCS Professional Certifications portfolio. It is also one of an integrated set of courses leading to the widely respected Higher Certificates: the BCS Diploma in Solution Development, and the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis.

Systems Modelling Techniques is a CORE module of the BCS Solution Development Diploma. It is a PRACTITIONER specialist module of the BCS Business Analysis Diploma.

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Learning outcomes:

This course will enable delegates to:

  • Justify the need for IT system modelling and modelling techniques
  • Explain why it is important to model IT system requirements from different perspectives
  • Develop models of system functionality and system data
  • Develop a dynamic model
  • Evaluate selected models against business objectives and system requirements
  • Appreciate how the selected models inter-relate with each other
  • Describe how the products of analysis feed into the design and development of a system
  • Prepare for the BCS Certificate in Systems Modelling Techniques


Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for those who are likely to become involved in business analysis or systems development at any level, including:

  • Business Analysts and Systems Analysts
  • Developers
  • Project Managers and Team Leaders
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Managers
  • Release Managers and Test Managers

Course Content:

Systems Modelling

  • The need for modelling and modelling standards
  • Rationale for the selected approach
  • The approach and a Systems Development Lifecycle
  • Place of models within the Systems Development Lifecycle
  • Modelling the IT system from different perspectives
  • Interaction of the selected models

Validating and verifying models

Systems Modelling in Context

  • Monitoring analysis against business objectives and system requirements
  • The bridge to design, software package selection and development

Modelling Functionality

  • Modelling processes using a Data Flow Diagram
  • Elementary Process Descriptions
  • Documenting the processing
  • Types of Data Flow DiagramsStatic Modelling
  • Modelling data using Entity Relationship Diagrams
  • Supporting documentation

Dynamic Modelling

  • Analysing the behaviour of entities
  • Modelling the behaviour of entities
  • Documenting navigation paths

Trainer Profile

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