Alternative Investments – Hedge Funds

Date: TBC

Duration: 1 Day

Full Fees: €625

Network Members Fee: €350

Programme overview


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what hedge funds are and how they are structured
  • Understand the motives behind hedge fund investors
  • Know how hedge funds employ different strategies to capture alpha
  • Describe how the prime brokerage business is structured
  • Understand the operational risks involved in supporting funds and the competitive landscape


Who is the course for

  • The programme can be tailored to new starters at hedge funds, and junior to intermediate level staff at asset manaqers, wealth managers, private banks and commercial banks that need to understand Alternative Investments.

Course Content

Workshop (Webinar) Outline

  • Hedge Fund Overview Review
    • Fund structures
    • Fund of funds
    • Understanding SEC registration
    • Hedge funds and registration


  • Structure of Hedge Funds
    • Traditional structure
    • New structures
    • Onshore vs. offshore
    • Investors
    • Regulatory challenges


  • Hedge Fund Strategies
    • What can a hedge fund invest in?
    • Global macro funds
    • Relative value and arbitrage funds
    • Black box and algorithmic trading
    • Commodity Trading Advisors
    • Hedge fund history and modern times


  • Prime brokerage
    • Prime brokerage review
    • Innovations in service
    • Technological influences
    • Competitive markets


Trainer Profile

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