Accredited/Certified Programmes

BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

BCS Certificate in Systems Modelling Techniques

BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering

Benefits Management and Realisation

Coaching for Performance

Data Governance and Cyber Security

Data Protection and Cyber Security Essentials

Derivatives Fundamentals – August Start

Derivatives Fundamentals – October Start

Derivatives Fundamentals – September Start

Derivatives Masterclass – August Start

Derivatives Masterclass – October Start

Derivatives Masterclass – September Start

Digital Risk Management

Diploma in AML in a Fintech Environment (Level 8)

Diversity Workshop

Engagement and Motivation

Higher Diploma in Computing with Specialisation in Cybersecurity

Higher Diploma in Fintech

Introduction to Investment and Asset Management – June Start

Introduction to Investment and Asset Management – November Start

Introduction to Investment and Asset Management – September Start

Introduction to Project and Risk Management – Aug Start

Introduction to Project and Risk Management – July Start

Introduction to Project and Risk Management – June Start

Leader as a Coach

Leading in a Regulated World

Managing communications & collaboration for the Team: ‘Use Microsoft TEAMS to collaborate as never before

Managing Information: Working Smart with MS OneNote. Learn how to efficiently share information and link with MS TEAMs

Managing Meetings: Working smart in virtual meetings – make them more efficient

Managing workloads & priorities for the Individual: Use Microsoft OUTLOOK to control and prioritise work for the individual

MSC in Compliance

MSc in FinTech

Performance Management

Professional Certificate in AML in a Fintech Environment

Professional Certificate in Complex Financial Instruments in International Financial Services

Professional Certificate in Data Protection (Level 9)

Professional Certificate in Digital Financial Services and Data Analytics

Professional Certificate in Financial Crime Prevention (Level 9)

Professional Certificate in FinTech Risk & Compliance

Professional Certificate in Fintech Risk and Compliance

Professional Certificate in International Investment Fund Services

Professional Diploma in Advanced Banking Risk Management

Professional Diploma in Applied Alternative Investments

Professional Diploma in Digital Product Management

Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Professional Diploma in Leading Cultural Change and Ethical Behaviours in Financial Services

Protecting Mental Health & Well Being

Return to Office

Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR)

Skills Certificate for a Future Career in the Irish Funds Industry

Taking the Lead Women in Leadership

Time Management – Get Organised for Peak Performance